Frequently Asked Questions
Concerning this site and the book

Visit the Bookstore page: you will find a reprint of one of the many books similar to the web book put out in 1912.
1. How did the book come about?
At the turn of the century it was a standard practice for some publishers to produce a book as soon as possible following any disaster. They (and there are many) would gather as much information and as many photos as possible in as short a time as possible and create a book. The Titanic went down in April 1912 and this book was published in May or June 1912 – pretty quick eh? Anyway, these were hardbound books which were sold door-to-door for $1 (thus the name of the books – "Dollar Books"). The salesman would make his pitch and make or not make a sale. If he did not make a sale he would offer to 'loan' the potential customer a copy to peruse. This 'loaner' copy did not have the complete book but had enough to be a 'teaser'. Of course the salesman would return to gather the 'loaned' book and have another chance to make a sale. But this time it might be easier as the reader had been 'teased' with the incomplete version. Keep in mind that all the books had the same information. The only differences I have noticed (I have two books) is that a picture or two may be different.
2. Where can I get a copy of the book?
By finding one in an antique store or collectors bookstore. Visit the Bookstore page – there is a reprint of one of the 1912 books.
3. Is the book in print?
The book is a 1912 original and has been out of print for 86 years. The book was not a product for bookstores even in 1912. See question #1. Visit the Bookstore page – there is a reprint of one of the 1912 books.
4. Can you get a copy of this book?
The only way is to download the web page with the information you wish to capture and print it on your printer.
5. Why are the pages graphic and not text (download faster)?
I do not have OCR software but do have a scanner. Also the 'look' of the page(s) can help give the period it's flavor.
6. How much is the book worth?
There is not much information on this topic. However, my experience purchasing my own books (I have two) and informatin gathered from other cybernaughts I shall pass on.

The book you are reading on the Internet cost me $0.50 at a garage sale. Yes, that's 50 cents. The second book I have was given as a gift - so I don't know.

People on the net have told me that they have sold the book (at auction) for as high as $75. However, it must be kept in mind that this was during the 'Titnaic' move craze a little bit ago.

But of course it is to be kept in mind that the right person, at the right time, at the right place, with the right money and 'need' can change the price of anything, drastically.

What I am about to state is NOT based upon fact, investigation, or solid knowledge. It is based upon what I might potentially pay for the book on the open market. I would guess $40 to $50 for a descent copy. But keep in mind that there are a number of publishers (this book was only one). One thing for sure, the 'loaner' version of the book (described in question #1) is worth a little bit more as it is more rare.

7. How do you make money?
I don't. There are no advertisers, membership fees etc. Simply, I have something that is not readily accessible by the general public, even in libraries, and thought others would like to have access. I have had many questions from cybernaughts that have landed on my Titanic site which is how the 'Quick Facts and Information' page, 'Bookstore' page, and this page came about. I have been reading and collecting Titanic information for 20 years and would like to share some of what I have uncovered. The Bookstore page is tied into bookstore. You can buy there or get the information and go to your local bookstore. Either way I am just passing information.