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Pricing Information

GOAL: to make the internet technology available to small enterprises. We will work with you and your budget to meet your goals.

TARGETS: The primary targets of The Resource Center are: Special accommodations can be made for low usage/maintenance sites.
Please visit our sponsors from the home page to gain some ideas.

Web Page The equilavent of two 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of paper placed end to end
Home Page The entry (first page) or 'front door' to an Internet web site
Internet Web Site One (the Home Page) or the home page plus other inter-connected pages
URL (Universal Resource Locator) The address of a page on the Internet. Usually the Home Page

Page size See above
Unique URL
Email link On each page if desired
Inter page links Links between pages
Intra page links Links to spots on the same page
Search Engines Entrance into the top 8 plus many smaller
Maintenance A determined number of hour(s) included per month dependent upon the desired web site plan chosen, non accumulative
Includes scanning, updating, uploading
$30 per hour beyond the free plan maintenance hour(s) - 10 minute increments
Updating Includes all changes, scanning, and uploading. Based on time and is included in the web site plan maintenance hour(s).
Design Includes:
  • Up to 24 desired photographic pictures taken and developed (includes film)
  • Scanning up to 10 items ($100 at service companies)
    $2.00 per scan beyond the initial 10)
  • Graphics design
Time Updates are usually accomplished within 24 hours
Standard graphics Email, Home button, Page header, Page dividers
Communications Email, Email attachments, SnailMail, Phone, FAX, Drop off
All of these may be used in order to get changes and updates to The Resource Center

MAP Page One time $10
Hit Counter Home page: One time $10
Scanning Time based - included in free monthly hour(s).
$30.00 per hour (10 minute intervals) following the exhaustion of the plan package maintenance hour(s)
Domain Name ex:
  • One (1) time $100 charge to purchase the name from the Internic (owners of domain names on the Internet)
    This is good for two years then there is a $35 per year renewel fee from the Internic
  • One (1) time $25 charge for the host to set up the internet connection between the Internet and your domain. Non re-occurring.

Visa/Master Card Monthly
Invoice First of each Quarter for upcoming three months

Site Design Usually Accomplished within a 3 to 5 day period.
Validation Is a two week period, for customer validation, following the site being available on the internet.
During this period any changes, updates and uploads are considered part of the Design phase and are not considered maintenance. Maintenance begins following this period.
Maintenance Begins following the Validation period.
Billing Begins when the site is available on the internet.
Pro-rated rates based upon the monthly rental and the time remaining in the month (following the two week validation period) when the site becomes available on-line.
Initial Payment For the Design and the 1st full month rental is expected at the time of the requirements gathering meeting.


You do the work, we host your site to the Internet
Personal/Religious/Civic Organizations
Small Business
Medium Business

The Resource Center
Phone: 810/750-5260 . . . FAX: 810/750-5261
SnailMail: 701 Second, Fenton, Michigan 48430