May 2006
Mike & Minnie Tree Marker: 5/06
May 2006 - Memorial Day
Cemetery visit to Mike, Minnie,
Pat, and Steven
2006 - Fathers Day, Warren MI
June 2006
Peggy Fulcher
Notified as Hartland School System Teacher of the Year for 2006
June 2006
Peggy Fulcher
Hartland School System Teacher of the Year for 2006
Memorialo Day Parade
"das Queen"
June 25, 2006
Peggy Fulcher
Retirement/Teacher of the Year Party
August 2006
Bobby Clark, Visits Fenton
August 2006
Cari and Als 50th Wedding Anniversary Party
September 2006
Manfred and Giesla Gunter visit
June 2007
Conference trip to Las Vegas
B'Day Christy, Al, and Betty
January 2008
Carlisle, Arkansas - Big House, Screeton Switch
October 6, 2009
Robert Wayne Fulcher (12/30/1915-10/3/2009) funeral
August 2014
Al Lawrence birthday gathering
Wawel - Polish Cultural Center Restaurant
August 2014
CYO counselor reunion, Sheyboygan, Wisconsin
August 31, 2014
Mike Lawrence surprise 50th birthday party
Savoy Grill, Utica

Washington D.C.